Serenbe is a progressive community that focuses on sustainable, art-driven, and mindful living. The community itself has won  the Urban Land Institute's Inaugural Sustainability Award and it has been touted that there is "no other place in the country just like it". The community includes several notable and award-winning programs that emphasize the values of innovation, risk-taking, community, and relationship-building.


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Serenbe Farms

Serenbe Farms

Serenbe Farms

Serenbe contains a professionally-managed and certified organic farm with over 60,000 pounds of produce harvested each year. Our heroes will spend a significant amount of time getting their hands dirty and thumbs green out there! Through this partnership with Serenbe Farms we get our heroes outdoors and into nature! This is one of our most important elements. We believe that learning takes place as much outside the classroom as it does within it, and we make every effort to give our heroes the opportunities to do so!


Serenbe Stables


A 501(c)3 non-profit summed up beautifully by the phrase "horse + human + heart", the Serenbe Stables seeks to not only provide community members with quality horse-riding and lessons, but looks to strengthen the bond between human and horse. The stables are great for anyone, regardless of riding experience or style. 

"Horses have an amazing ability to restore the human spirit and bring us back to our core. Serenbe Stables is a place for human and equine souls to connect with one another. Our mission is to connect horses and humans in a positive way. We work to improve lives and enrich hearts, promote healing and growth of the soul through education, encouragement and experience: horse + human + heart." 
— Serenbe Stables Mission Statement

The Stables also holds outreach programs such as Serenbe Strides which partners with other non-profits to connect with children in group homes to have them come to the barn on a regular basis to learn horsemanship, riding, care, and responsibility. All this cultivating into a shared love between child and horse. The Stables also has a rescue program where they will save one horse a year from a kill lot to give them the love and care of the Serenbe family.

Along with these wonderful programs, Serenbe Stables has numerous volunteer opportunities for the Serenbe Strides program and more!


Serenbe Trailriding and Animal Village


Serenbe boasts more than 15 miles of nature trails which you can walk or take a ride through Serenbe Trailriding.

One of the coolest parts of Serenbe, The Animal Village, is open to the public and located next to The Inn at Serenbe. The village contains chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, llamas, and more! Being so close to the classroom, this allows our heroes to learn from these creatures firsthand. Our heroes love watching these animals grow, feeding, and interacting with so many different animals!

Serenbe Institute For art


The Serenbe Institute for Art, a 501(c)3 non-profit, brings to Serenbe, an effort to bring arts and culture to the community which in turn enriches us not only as neighbors but also as humans.

"We seek to build a community of arts loving, socially engaged and environmentally conscious citizens." 

Along with Serenbe Playhouse, the Institute also oversees Terminus Modern Ballet TheatreAIR SERENBE (Artist in Residence), Serenbe Film, and the Serenbe Fellows program.


Serenbe Playhouse

Serenbe Playhouse's 2017 production of  MACBETH @  a waterfall within Serenbe

Serenbe Playhouse's 2017 production of MACBETH @ a waterfall within Serenbe

The community is also home to the award-winning Serenbe Playhouse, a 501(c)3 non-profit. If you've never been to a show here, we cannot recommend it enough! Serenbe Playhouse, much like our community, is a one-of-a-kind theatre. All productions are outdoors and site-specific (created from the nature surrounding us) that strives to connect the usual separation between watcher and show by completely immersing the audience.

"Serenbe Playhouse is a professional theatre company committed to producing bold new works and reinvented classics that connect art, nature and community."
     — Serenbe Playhouse Mission Statement

Pegged by Playbill as one of "20 Regional Houses Every Theatre Lover Must Know", the playhouse puts daring and inspired works right in our backyard that reinvents the way we see, listen, and experience the theatre. Acton partners with the playhouse to create opportunities for our heroes to interact and learn from professional actors and theatre-makers. Reinventing the stagnant and stretching the bounds of our imaginations, Serenbe Playhouse gives our heroes the perfect example of having a dream and striving to make it reality!

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre


Founded in 2017 and the newest addition the the Serenbe Institute, Terminus brings together five professional dancers with 85-years of dance experience between all of them as they seek to combine old techniques and styles with the contemporary to create exhilarating, innovative, and vibrant new works. Words speak through dance and Terminus looks to create a new voice for dance and theatre.

"Together, we believe in the human language of Dance as our artistic medium.  We desire to Create an environment of ideas and innovation.  We aim to Educate new generations of audiences, dance artists, and creative thinkers.  We wish to Inspire people through dance performance and contemporary storytelling—a cultural terminus rooted in people and place. " 


Air Serenbe


Our Artist in Residence program, AIR Serenbe is a non-profit program that brings in artists from all disciplines. The strength of this program relies on the uniqueness of Serenbe—an area surrounded by nature that has booming community support and involvement in the arts and culture.

"We provide the time and space necessary for the development of new work, as well as focused public programming that brings audiences in close contact with creative processes and practices." 

In the past, AIR Serenbe has brought in poets, playwrights, authors, musicians, sculptors, chefs, and so many others! There are always events, presentations, and talks hosted by the current Artist in Residence happening. 


Serenbe Film


Serenbe Film takes the idea of going to see a movie at the classic neighborhood movie theatre and expands on it. Like many other aspects of Serenbe, the mundane gains depth and is explored much more than elsewhere which is in pursuit of a thriving and well-cultured community.

"Serenbe Film is dedicated to sharing the power of Film to connect and inspire. We host special screenings, monthly movie favorites, outdoor films, filmmaker retreats and discussions, community events, and one-of-a kind films."

Serenbe Film hosts family events such as The Nightmare Before Christmas in the local Blue Eyed Daisy Bake Shop complete with trivia and behind the scenes fun, classic outdoor drive-ins such as with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a "Movies that Matter" series including Private Violence, and much much more.


Serenbe Fellows


The Serenbe Fellows program's purpose is to bring academia to the front door of Serenbe residents. The fellows program brings in academics from a plethora of backgrounds for a short residency to share their knowledge and ideas and hopefully to inspire them by the environment surrounding us for new ones.

"Serenbe Fellows brings preeminent thought leaders, respected scholars and nationally recognized artists to Serenbe to discourse with Serenbe residents, visitors and the greater Atlanta community on issues that contribute to the health, vitality, joy and sustainability of Serenbe and The Institute." 

The purpose of the Fellows program is to create and sustain an ongoing dialogue about how to improve and sustain a better community. Change begins with ourselves and the program strengthens this ideal.

Past fellows have included Dr. Daniel Friedland (SuperSmartHealth, founder and CEO), Dr. Stalney Meiberg (former Acting Deputy Administrator of the EPA), Geoffrey Anderson (Smart Growth America, founder), and other countless experts.