As we wrap things up before heading into Thanksgiving break (and then to the halfway mark for the year!), I want to leave you with something one of our wonderful Board members sent to me.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is a historian and biographer who received her Ph.D from Harvard University and has written extensively on American presidents. Her book Team of Rivals was adapted into the film Lincoln by Steven Spielberg. She recently published Leadership in Turbulent Times. I am posting an interview she did with Ezra Klein recently where she talks about presidents like Lincoln, the Roosevelts, and Johnson. She was asked what it is that makes leaders able to do great things, and she said that the commonality between them all was that they all faced numerous crises in their lives. Facing down those crises is what gave them resilience. It reminds me of what I constantly tell my learners, that if something is easy, if something is not at least a little stressful, then it’s probably not going to help you at all.