Our third session is wrapping up, and the Eagles are using the Acton Children’s Business Fair for this session’s Exhibition of Learning. It’s hard to convey how elevated the material has been this session - high level economic principles, the ins and outs of running a business, the perfect amount of chocolate chips to put in a cookie…

I’m incredibly pleased with how engaged the Eagles have been with this material. Like I’ve said before, I had some trepidation at the beginning that the difficulty of this material would turn them off and they would give up immediately. It was unfounded, however, because they have persisted and have shown an appetite for stimulating lessons.

The last week or two of the session have seen a heightened level of stress though, because they are now learning the importance of time management, and the frenzy to get it done at the very end when time management fails. We often say in the Studio that “excellence starts with time management.” This stress has been good, because as we start the next quest, the memory of the stress of those last two weeks will be fresh and they will ask themselves what to do to avoid it (spoiler: use your Quest Time well!).

Since we also have a Studio of football hooligans, the Eagles have introduced a Yellow/Red Card system to maintain order. If the Yellow Card is raised, that means “Caution.” If then the Red Card gets raised, it’s a fine of one Eagle Buck from the community. However, after trying it a few times, the Eagles have decided that might be a little too much power for one Eagle to hold, so they are in the midst of discussing a responsible way to wield the Yellow/Red Card system. It is a potent reminder of our big question of the year - “Does Power Corrupt?”