August 20 2018

It’s very, very hard to sit in chaos. The first week has proven this is true for child and adult alike. If there is not something substantive to engage the Eagles, the volume goes up. Messes are made. Communication breaks down. By about Wednesday and Thursday, a few Eagles had some seriously distressed looks on their faces. I asked them why.


“It’s SO loud.”
“I can’t read without someone bothering me.”

“I’m trying to say something but people keep yelling over me.”

This is the way it has to be though. I have to remind myself that. Our systems of accountability will begin to be introduced this week, and the Eagles need to have the chaos fresh in their memories so they understand the effectiveness of them. We signed a temporary contract of promises to each other (no distracting, speaking kindly, etc.) but they have wondered aloud what to do when no one is keeping them. They remind each other, but that lasts about 30 seconds before the chaos starts again. This is where the accountability comes in.


Systems like our Eagle Bucks, Strike System and Points give the Eagles a tangible means with which they can keep each other accountable. Town Hall meetings and a Town Council will let them discuss new ways to let the community stay productive.


For now, chaos still rears its head time to time. But the Acton rubber is about to hit the studio road, and the interesting part begins.