On Wednesday, we introduced the single biggest accountability system in an Acton Studio - the Eagle Buck system. And they were ready for it. After 8 days, the Eagles were tired of noise and arguing and distractions. It was surprising frustrated with how hard it was to fight the impulse to try to impose order. The system requires a period of chaos for it to work, and I had to let it play out.

I see now that it really is essential to endure this trial by fire, because by Wednesday, the Eagles were begging for the ability to police themselves. After explaining how the Bucks are earned (meeting SMART Goals in their core skills), how they are lost (being requested by other Eagles when they break their Promises to each other), and how disputes are mediated (by the Eagle Buck Council that we elected that same day), I was ready to watch the Eagles immediately start bickering and demanding money from each other in countless tit-for-tat squabbles. What happened, however, was that they were incredibly shy and reserved about asking for Eagle Bucks from each other. They noticed promises being broken, but felt unsure about their power to self-regulate. Only two Bucks were requested the first day, but I have a feeling things are about to get really real.

That being said, they are certainly tired of Mr. Ryan walking around constantly reminding them of the Promises, as is Mr. Ryan. They seem to feel the gravity of the Eagle Buck System, and have surprised themselves with how strong their desire for order is. There has been a marked shift in the air, and it’s not because someone microwaved fish again.