So we’re at the official end of our first six-week session, culminating in our first Exhibition of Learning. These exhibitions are a regular showcase of our progress in the studio, and the Quests and skills we have focused on. The Exhibitions are completely learner-planned and learner-run. A guide’s influence is minimal, and I’m extremely proud of what the Eagles put together.

Though energy levels were through the roof and excitement spills over, I was so happy to see that through the giggles and nerves was a planned, structured presentation of our system’s and skills. The signing of our final community-created Contract gives us a fair, compassionate system to guide our conduct going forward, and a code they can use to govern themselves.

At the exhibition, I saw leaders stepping up and learners taking responsibility. You’ll probably notice that we don’t shush children, we don’t remind them of what their responsibilities are, and we don’t control their decisions.

Acton doesn’t just allow for failure, it necessitates it. In these first six weeks, we’ve had failures, which means we’ve learned. The difference is so vast between week one and week six that I have to step back just to see it all. And the difference between our first Exhibition and our last will be something I can’t wait to see.

Now that we have our permanent Contract of Promises, you can ask your learners how they affect the community. How does your learner internalize them and execute them. The process through which these Eagles will embody these Promises and systems is in motion now, and if you look close, the progress presents itself. As always, I strongly encourage you to look again at the parents’ Hero’s Journey available on the Google Drive for parents, and to continue to engage your Eagle and ask them about their goals and feelings about progress in the studio.