As the warm weather draws (hopefully) nearer, I wanted the Eagles to take on a Quest that lets us get outside and focus on the natural world. We’ve spent so much time this year focusing on humanity’s creations through architecture, entrepreneurship, and coding and robotics, and now I want to spend more time focusing on nature’s creations and understanding the order behind things.

We’re beginning our Entomology Quest and I’m incredibly excited to get into what is a very challenging, very involved, but very fun six week project. It will place great emphasis on organization, so the Eagles will need to keep a lot of plates spinning, especially since we’re studying taxonomy which is literally the science of organizing bugs!

We’ll also be doing “Letters to a Hero” for our Writer’s Workshop this session, which will allow them to pick anyone who they believe has changed the world and inspired them personally, and we’ll be crafting very personal letters that will involve research into their hero so they can find common ground and talk about the Hero’s Journey with them.

These next few months will fly by, and I know the Eagles are feeling the pressure to get their badge work done, but as I have repeatedly said to them, if they don’t finish all their badge work, it will still be waiting for them when they come back in the fall. In Acton, there is a lot of work and very high standards, but it is really hard to get into a hole you cannot get out of. Challenge and failure are greater teachers than easy completion, and these learners have met their challenges head-on and will surprise us more and more as time goes on.