Week 2 was as equally engaging, energizing, and fun as the first week. The Elementary Studio Eagles explored how to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, tough). They also began their Core Skills sessions by making weekly goals for each session and working hard to meet and/or exceed their goals. Below are pictures of a team-building activity in which the Eagles thoroughly enjoyed! The Eagles learned that the challenge was a lot more complicated than they expected. As well as when they worked together harmoniously to accomplish a common goal, then they were successful at achieving their goal.

This past week was filled with team-building challenges and exploratory challenges that highlighted the application of the scientific method, along with practice using the question funnel and trial and error methods. Below, you will see pictures of the Eagles participating in a duct tape pass challenge, bamboo beach ball challenge, and a variety of scientific method challenges. They tremendously enjoyed these activities, and I enjoyed witnessing their creativity and critical thinking skills flourish.

We wrapped up the week by exploring the Decision Chain, which discussed the importance of identifying the choices, pros, and cons for each option, along with weighing each pro and con. The Eagles participated in their first Town Hall & Eagle Buck Council meetings. As the week progressed, the Eagles’ focus grew during Core Skills time. Their ability to pay attention to detail during studio maintenance, and to hold one another accountable also became stronger. Coach Lou also visited the Elementary Studio for the first time this school year, and the Eagles had a BLAST! His energy and love are contagious for sure!