The Elementary Studio had an impressive start to the week while performing the ZOOM team-building exercise! The Eagles completed the task with 100% accuracy and in complete silence, which was a massive accomplishment! Later in the day, the Eagles enjoyed a challenging afternoon experimenting with the analysis tools of the prediction tools quest. They were given the opportunity to choose between a polling and sampling challenge, a probability challenge, or a graphs/maps challenge. The Elementary Studio has also had 2 Primary Studio Nesters who have spent time in our studio during Core Skills time. This process assists in the transition from one studio to another. The Nesters are diligently working on their goal of completing their Golden Bead Challenges.

The Elementary Studio kicked off Writer’s Workshop on Tuesday by providing some engaging tasks in a collaborative environment. The Eagles practiced in creating catchy story starters, and complete topic sentences.

For the Seeds of Potential Challenge this week, the Eagles were taken out of their comfort zone when asked to create their measurement tool. The initial confusion turned into laughter as the Eagles’ critical thinking skills evolved and turned into a river of creativity. The Eagles also enjoyed getting to know one another better by finding studio mates who shared some common and uncommon likes and thoughts.

On Thursday, the Eagles started their day with Coach Lou. Physical fitness is enjoyed so much that they don’t realize how much they’re working their bodies.

Later that morning, both studios were brought together for Tuneful Tuesdays (on a Thursday this week). We all had the opportunity to hear how amazing our friends’ voices are, and see that we have future performers in the house too! The Eagles wrapped up their week with more inviting writing games and gained experience in strengthening their Full Circle Feedback skills.