The Elementary Studio started their week off with the discovery of how difficult Monday morning’s Circle of Silence challenge really was. Their task was to pass a jar of marbles around their circle, in complete silence, which they quickly discovered was no easy feat. This team building activity efficiently demonstrated how the actions of a single individual affected the entire group. In the afternoon, the ES designed their own Capillary Action experiments using fresh white carnations, food coloring, and test tubes. The final results were both surprising and eye-catching! The ES enjoyed viewing their beautiful creations for the rest of the week. After the Capillary Action experiments, the Eagles used the rest of their quest time to place the final touches on the Plant Cell models. The Eagles tapped into their musical sides with Music with Melanie and Tuneful Tuesday this week, as well as created some beautiful art on Tuesday.

For the Poetry edition of Writer’s Workshop, the Elementary Studio learned about, and created, their very own Haikus and Free Verse poems. We have some amazing talent in the studio and some of our Eagles decided they wanted to share their creations with one another during this week’s closing group. For the Community Garden quest on Wednesday and Friday, the ES explored soils types and layers. Digging in the dirt is a lot of fun! Eagles discovered how sacrification of lentils affects the seed germination process. Finally, Eagles used shoe boxes to create their plant light maze to observe, over time, how light affects lima bean growth. The ES Sparklers are hard at work too and are enjoying their days in their new studio, all the while overcoming their own unique challenges of academic growth. Wrapping up the week, Thursdays are always a lot of fun with Coach Lou around, and Fridays are the Eagles’ opportunity to practice the fine art of debate while learning about justice during the weekly Town Hall meetings.