This exciting and fun-filled week wrapped up Session 1 of the new school year! The Eagles revisited the process of formulating S.M.A.R.T. goals for their Core Skills sessions to keep the sessions challenging, as well as practicing their time management skills. This week the Eagles designed their badge plans and met with a guide. We went over their plans and discussed the details specific to their Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling, and Learning to Be goals to earn the applicable badges.

Excellent conversations took place where critical thinking merged with creativity as the Elementary Studio created their challenges for the Prediction Tools quest. After the final challenge creation took place, the Eagles spent time reflecting on all the tools they learned about and the knowledge gleaned during the first session’s quest.

The Paragraph Party continued in Writer’s Workshop this week. Last week the ES focused on crafting unique topic sentences using the Rockin’ Beginnings technique. This week the ES explored how to create relevant details and closing sentences that effectively brought their paragraphs to a close. Next, the Eagles had the opportunity to choose their favorite paragraphs to publish and receive rubric-rated peer reviews.

During P.E. Coach Lou has been working with Eagles on team-building experiences, as well as upper body strength conditioning. The pictures below represent the fun had by all.

The highlight of our week, which also closed out Session 1, was the EXPO! The Elementary Studio spent the week preparing and rehearsing. The studio was filled with nervous energy, but you’d never know it. As the Eagles presented themselves in a relaxed and calm manner like they have spent years becoming EXPO professionals. This EXPO focused on the Elementary Studio systems and tools. We had an Emcee/timekeeper, greeters/program creators, and then the Eagles volunteered to take charge of the studio elements they felt the most confident in explaining. The Elementary Studio had a fabulous parental turnout, and the Eagles performed a fantastic job during their EXPO presentations.

Friday afternoon, both Primary and Elementary Studios enjoyed an afternoon at the Serenbe pool playing and socializing. After a couple of hours of outdoor fun, the Eagles participated in the Contract Signing Ceremony. The ceremony started with the reading an inspiring Theodore Roosevelt quote, followed by an explanation of how the contract promises were derived. One by one, each Eagle used a special feather pen to sign their name to the Contract and the Rules of Engagement. Both are framed and hung in the Elementary Studio as a reminder of expectations of every Eagle. John built a fabulous bonfire so that we all could enjoy delicious s’mores after all the Eagles completed the signings. A wonderful evening celebration was enjoyed by all.