The Elementary Studio started off the new session by introducing this year’s Civilization Series (Story of The World 2: Ancient Times) and Writer’s Workshop: Poetry! The Eagles were fascinated to learn about the fall of the Roman Empire and the very early days of Britain. The Eagles truly enjoyed creating their Poetry Posters, as well as delving into learning about and crafting uniques metaphors. A new Town Hall & Eagle Buck Council committee was voted on for the new session. The new committee members were hard at work this week, leading the way for policy reformations and Eagle Buck appeals.

The Elementary Studio also started a new quest, the Community Garden Quest, for Session 2. There are a plethora of hands-on and exciting science experiments scheduled for this session, a couple of which the Eagles have already started exploring and learning about environmental effects. The Eagles’ first task was to work together in squads to create plant cell models. Truly enjoyed seeing everyone’s creativity and teamwork! The Elementary Studio enjoys the weekly visits from Coach Lou, and this week’s session did not disappoint!

Our two full-time Sparklers are quickly becoming acclimated to their new learning environment. They are working hard on earning their Spark Badges while being fully immersed and adaptive to all the differences in the Elementary Studio environment. Some of the Eagles worked so diligently during the first session that they can move up the freedom level of Soaring for Session 2! The Soaring freedom level brings new privileges during Core Skills, and a few of these Eagles took the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor during Core Skills this week. Wrapping up this week’s Community Garden Quest, the Eagles gained first-hand knowledge of the photosynthesis process and how light affects plant growth. Also, how the lack thereof, along with hydration issues, can lead to the plant’s demise.

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