In all or our studios from Primary to Elementary Socratic discussion is a sacred time full of value at Acton Academy which is why we don’t allow interruption or tardiness.

It’s a time for reflection, exploration, and growth all of which require self governance.

The Rules of Engagement

1. Be on time and prepared.

2. Be concise, clear, and make one point at a time.

3. Do not talk out of turn.

4. Listen respectfully with your whole body.

5. Start by saying “I agree” or “I disagree.”

6. Do not distract.

Abbreviated rules are used in Primary. The next time you have a family meeting say, “Lets use the Rules of Engagement!” or “What rules do you use in circle at school? Could you help us all practice?”

For our family we talk louder and louder until someone says “I keep getting spoken over!” Its then we all realize that boundaries are important to show respect to one another and to grow critical thinking.