I tell a story about a plastic bag at least four times a week, and it usually stops parents dead in their tracks.

Imagine your child at the grocery store, helping you in the produce aisle. You ask them to get a bunch of carrots for a meal you will cook together later that evening. They head over and pick out a beautiful bunch of carrot with large green tops and are still wet from the misters. You hand over the bag for them to put the carrots in and for the next 5 min your child struggles to get the large wet carrots in this flimsy bag.

I struggle not to take over and do the work for my child so that we can move on and get our shopping done. I do my best not to steal their learning because I know the struggle is the ultimate lesson and the best teacher of all.

My challenge to all parents is to slow down and not take the lesson from your child. Be still and slow down, maybe even walk away. When they have finished with their lesson, take a minute to celebrate all the hard work they accomplished.