Learning is HARD!

The requirements to accomplish any goal are pretty serious too.

  • Time - It always takes more time than you thought it would take — a recent Eagle check-in. I see you have not watched any Khan videos this week? Eagle, “I’m not good at math” Math can be hard and requires practice every day, just like an athlete or a singer. Have you watched the videos? How many times? Sal Khan is a great teacher, and you have him all to yourself. I know you can work hard; I have seen you accomplish hard things in the past.

  • Suffering - Yes, you must embrace the suffering, also known as hard work; it is a critical ingredient in deep learning. Recently a primary learner said to me midway through handwriting work. “Mrs. Malin my hand hurts!!!” “I sure bet they do; your handwriting muscles are finally growing because you are working so hard.”

  • Defeat Distraction - We all battle the three horsemen of Distraction, Resistance, and Victimhood.

  • Independence - You must go it alone, as no one can perform learning on you. There is no learning pill you can take, unfortunately. Learning is a solitary experience that the learner must bring themselves to with honesty and intentionality.

The guides and fellow travelers in the story of the hero’s journey help inspire the hero along the way. Allies cheer their hero on, lift them when things don’t go as planned, and hold them accountable when struggling with choices of character. This place of wonder and struggle is the true education that Acton provides.

We live inside a bubble of constructive feedback, friendly but fierce competition, games, stories, and quests. All of this is incredibly fun, but tucked into every corner and crevice is hard work because it is the glue that makes learning stick.

The best book I have read on child development and learning. When we get book club up and going again soon, this will be our 1st book of the year. Yes, it is on Audible as well!

The Carpenter and the Gardner by Alison Gopnik