We enter into our child’s education years a little tired from toddlerhood hopefully optimistic about what is to come but ultimately a bit lost on how to help or what to even do. At Acton Academy, we require you to be an active member of your learner’s education team. 

But what does that even mean?!?

We have several ways to track your learner’s progress through their week, month, and year. Primary has a program called Transparent classroom where you can see the lessons your learner has been given as well as detailed descriptions about the lesson. Some questions to ask could be. Can you tell me how this lesson works? What lesson are you asking for next?

School Rush also provides good conversation. “Oh look at you working hard at the pink tower how high did you stack the blocks?” “Look at this photo of you working on handwriting; you are working hard there, did you work on this after lunch?”

Journey Tracker is for elementary, and soon middle, it is where eagles track their smart goals, receive the quest, writing, and civilization challenges and submit work. Parents have immediate access to all work submitted and progress made.

Here is how you can ask the best questions to support your eagle.

  • Check out the badge plan; this is the big map of the plan you signed off on. Green badges mean complete! Red means it is time for you to ask questions. It is not always bad, but it gives you a great conversation starter, now you can give love, encouragement, support, and troubleshooting.

  • Click over to weekly tracking - Don’t do this every day no one likes micromanaging. Green means complete, red means not complete, which is not always bad but again gives you a conversation starter.